We at C|O want to help our friends in the food system navigate difficult situations in any way we can. Follow the links below for tips and tools to help you, your company and your brand successfully connect with your audiences during uncertain times.

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Brand Launch.

Is now any time to be launching a new brand? So glad you asked because we have answers. Check them out.

Online Communities.

They don’t just build themselves, but they can be nurtured to get maximum engagement. See the tips.

Virtual Presenting.

When it’s your turn to lead that online meeting, being familiar with best practices can be a very good thing. See for yourself.

CSR Success.

What are the core principles behind the most robust CSR programs? Let’s have a look.

Social Media Audit.

What’s better than “doing something, anything” on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest? Insights here.

Shifting Sales Strategies.

In what ways has selling shifted during the crisis? This tool from our toolbox takes a closer look. Go get it.

Reputation Management Tips.

Now’s a good time to be ready for (the next) anything by prepping your reputation for whatever’s next. Go for it.

Digital Marketing Best Practices.

How can your brand stay relevant while operating in our new digital society? And, oh yeah, during a pandemic. Start here.

New Marketing Ideas.

One way to keep up is to see what others are up to—and this tool has some new ideas worth considering. Check them out.

Successful Online Events.

It’s all about the pivot and these five steps will help you hold a winning online event or meeting. Let’s get started.

Crisis Communication.

Nothing like some do’s and don’ts to make sure your brand and reputation make it through the crisis. Access the list now.

More Tools Are On the Way.

We’re updating this page as often as we can with new crisis communications insights. Fill out the information below to be the first to know when new content is available.