We’re 100% employee owned. We change thinking and drive sales by bringing together people, passion and food. Join us, and you’ll work with dynamic clients from sprouting start-ups to global brands. Strategic to creative, farm fresh to spicy imports, you’ll learn from a wholesome blend of talent.

We are always looking for great people, and we are currently interviewing for several positions.

If you’re interested in joining our team, please email us your resume today.

  • Senior Account Executive
    You are one organized leader. You’re personable and an experienced client contact. As a Senior AE, you will execute all aspects of client service – serving as the link between the agency and clients, understanding your client’s goals and working with the larger team to deliver.
  • Digital Art Director
    You’re an email aficionado. You program digital ads with ease and are always thinking up new digital offerings for clients. As the Digital Art Director at C|O, you’ll work across clients with creative and editorial teams to help bring brands to life online.
  • Video Motion Graphics
    You’re a videographer who thinks differently. You’re creative and conceptual and have a passion for your work. At C|O, you will help oversee all video and animation projects and could serve as producer/director on larger productions. You’ll create motion graphics and videos across clients, bringing campaigns to life.
  • Junior Copywriter
    You’re a paragon of prolific writing–but you know the importance of clear and concise messaging too. An alleged word nerd, you’re all about storytelling and creativity. As a Junior Copywriter, you’ll craft copy for digital, social and traditional campaigns for clients across the food system.
  • Workflow Specialist
    You’re an organizer. Timelines, estimates, project-tracking—you don’t even bat an eye. You make things happen, on time and on budget. At C|O you’ll work across departments, helping manage projects for clients throughout the food system.
  • Assistant Account Executive
    Details. You’re all about them. You’re personable and efficient, and when it comes to budgets, input docs and problem solving, you own it. You embrace clients’ goals like they’re your own with passion and insight.
  • Media and Digital Associate
    You’re an all-in for success kind of person. You can identify where help is needed and jump in to make goals a reality. As a great team player, at C|O you’ll be on the ground helping make media plans and digital strategies successful for clients across the food system.

And you’ll get to enjoy a casual, friendly work environment with a culture dedicated to core values. (We can bring our dogs to work every day.) At C|O we value ideas, collaboration and results.


Retirement plan.

Who wants to work forever?

Health plan.

To keep you on the playing field.

Office dogs.

Pups welcome every day.

Work from home.

Work in sweats, we won’t judge.

Serious snackage.

Did we mention we love food?

Flex time.

Life and work CAN coexist.

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