Project Description


Branding at the speed of life.

For producers seeking advancement in livestock genetics, the “norm” was a slow process, fraught with challenges and highly focused on commercial animals.

Until a visionary start-up, Cogent IVF, redefined the reproduction process with superior technology to make it more sustainable, easier on animals and readily available for all producers to make generations of genetic gains in a matter of a few years.

Not only that, Cogent IVF pioneered an improved process by partnering with highly trained veterinarians and reproduction specialists to deliver the service and solution on farm, removing the need to transport animals. Due to an acquisition, there was an urgent need to change the company name.


Name us. Brand us. Get us live immediately.

We kicked into high gear. Starting with a branding workshop that identified all the unique aspects of the brand story and uncovered the start-up’s purpose – to make this technology available globally and to help produce more protein with less inputs.

The naming and logo came quickly. Vytelle (pronounced Vy-tel-ee) was created with the aid of an international team of thinkers, a unique and symbolic word born out of “vit” signifying vitality and “elle” ancient Greek for sun ray. The logo mark emphasized the meaning with color cues from the sun and a forward-thing approach.


A rapid-fire process to deliver the brand story, key messages, personality, voice and style guide, which evolved into creative executions: videos, digital assets, website refresh. And launch events and communication, tradeshow banners and swag, wearables and building signage, the list goes on.

“From the entire team of WheatSheaf Group and Vytelle we extend our congratulations on a job well done in bringing us to “the starting line” for a great business venture. Your professionalism, thoughtfulness, creativity and attention to detail has made this a fun project to rename and rebrand this company launching them into the spotlight of the bovine industry.”

In a blur of creative chaos and strategic flurry, Vytelle launched. We celebrated (and napped) knowing we helped our partner build a visionary brand founded on vitality, connectivity and positivity. But we aren’t sitting still. We continue to build momentum for this brand as it fast forwards for genetics, business and life.


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