Project Description

Boosting puppy health and ROI.

Challenge: The sales team at Standard Process Veterinary Formula® (SPVF) identified a gap in the marketplace for its whole food nutrition products. Many integrative veterinarians and practice managers were only turning to the supplements when an animal health challenge occurred.

Solution: Pup Club, marketing to vets (and pup parents with a pull-through tactic), inspires adoption of SPVF products in puppyhood, leading to a significant ROI for vets and loyal customers with healthier pets and lower vet bills. Tactics include an in-clinic custom kit, branded pup bandanas and numerous brochures for vets and pet owners, plus a captivating :60 animated video.

What we delivered

Brand Strategy & Development


Standard Process


The Pup Club is unique in the animal supplement market because of the fun packaging which highlights Sprout the dog and all the whole foods included in the products. The starter kit format also allows for pet parents to try the foundational products right away, learn more about other offerings from Standard Process, and continue to supplement through the life of their pup. Branding this initiative gives pet parents the feeling that they belong to a community of other puppy owners who are dedicated to doing what’s right for their pets.


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