Project Description

Driving soil smarts.

When your domain becomes a hot topic, how do you make sure your brand is a thought leader that stands out from the crowd? For Soil Health Partnership, the answer is a #SoilSmart–high-volume, maximum-impact social media campaign.

As proud partners of Soil Health Partnership, we’re bringing the #SoilSmart campaign to life and aiding in the mission to build the following on Soil Health Partnership’s social media channels, reach new farmer audiences and provide helpful content to spread awareness of soil health on a deeper level.

What we delivered

Campaigns & Communication


Soil Health Partnership


In the first three weeks of the campaign:

1,272% increase in engagement
700,000 impressions
1,500 link clicks


After launching Instagram and LinkedIn and cohesively creating #SoilSmart content across all channels, including the existing Facebook and Twitter pages, Soil Health Partnership has seen great success in engagement and impressions.