Project Description


Helping bring flavor stories to life.   

With a signature line of spices, herbs and seasonings, and a newly acquired portfolio of condiments, McCormick for Chefs is dedicated to bringing foodservice professionals legendary regional and global flavor profiles. Our job was to showcase the portfolio through omnichannel support. From social and sales to events and training, we were committed to campaigns that inspired both the craft and the creativity.


McCormick for Chefs needed a comprehensive brand strategy for social. The approach was simple. Respect the audience. Understand their pain points of delivering quality, memorable menu items every day. Listen. Then inspire. Content themes focused on industry insight and innovation, trends and resources and, of course, menu ideation.

“Creating engaged communities for chefs and foodservice professionals allowed the team to strengthen our own expertise in the industry. There is so much happening in foodservice. We were lucky to be part of the conversation.”

-Maren Lichtie, Client Service


It’s an epic tale of endless caffeine and late night pizza delivery. And in the end, we couldn’t be prouder. The Inspired Support Book is the holy grail of flavor resources. Filled with valuable product information, key selling content and valuable offers, it was the sales team’s most coveted tool.


McCormick for Chefs understands its responsibility to provide insight and trends for what foodservice professionals offer their conscious consumers. But even more, they seek to drive menu solutions and inspiration. Through sales collateral and a video series, we created the meatless grilling campaign to just that end. Note: the corn recipe is everything.


The team couldn’t help ourselves. We were so excited to work on the McCormick for Chefs business that as part of our pitch work, we developed a few campaign ideas. Our first was Taste Trotters. Centered around trending global flavor, its purpose was to engage operators and distributors to get inspired and rewarded with culinary ideas from around the world. The next was Flavor Finders. The personification of two of our favorite condiments, Franks and Lawrys. This irreverent duo was hot on the trail of helping customers find new and inventive flavors. A cure for the same old menu items. Created on zero budget but lots of heart.


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