Project Description

A louder voice for a worthy cause.

Malaria wreaks havoc on a global scale, infecting, incapacitating and/or killing tens of millions of people every year. Our friends at Innovative Vector Control Consortium (IVCC) have been quietly doing their part fighting malaria by developing new public health insecticides. But the time to be quiet about their great work had passed.

We partnered with IVCC to get the word out explaining exactly what they do to combat insect-borne disease, while also instilling a sense of urgency about insecticide resistance. We created a multifaceted global campaign that helped fast-track insecticide development, raise awareness for World Malaria Day and engage philanthropic organizations, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to support IVCC.

The result was more people connecting with the organization, more awareness and more lives being saved.

What we delivered

Brand & Strategy Development, Marketing Communications, Social Media


Innovative Vector Control Consortium (IVCC)


One of the biggest challenges with raising support for vector control is explaining exactly what it is and why it’s important in the fight to end malaria. So we developed a handy swatchbook to help stakeholders and board members give quick, one-on-one elevator pitches about IVCC’s efforts. The book was sleekly designed to fit inside suit pockets or purses, allowing for personal presentations in airports, at conferences and beyond.


10 years fighting malaria is an achievement worth celebrating. To announce their milestone and a commitment to their ongoing efforts to end this disease, we created a custom, illustrated video to be used on their website, social media accounts and attached to email communications.

Special milestones deserve special recognition. To help IVCC promote 10 years of saving lives, we developed a comprehensive campaign to raise awareness of this momentous anniversary, starting with a fresh logo design to be used on their website, social media and promotional materials.

“Collaboration was key. Working with government officials in Rwanda and our partner agency in Africa to successfully launch the NgenIRS program was a wonderful experience.”

Dave Harding, Director of Public Relations

Social media is an integral component of any communications effort, especially when you’re trying to reach a global audience. We developed a strong social media presence for IVCC, including an effort to leverage World Malaria Day as an opportunity to open up the conversation surrounding our cause.

We collaborated with IVCC to develop an extensive annual report to demonstrate to stakeholders, partners and donors how their organization is contributing to the fight against malaria, including an illustrative timeline detailing the many breakthroughs in IVCC’s 10-year history.


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