Project Description

Delivering a messaging strategy rooted on audience research.

How do we know what farmers want to hear about what they put in their ground? We asked them. Through a comprehensive research study in which we talked to the farmers themselves, we discovered who and what they trust when it comes to seed information: the numbers and the word of other farmers.

So we created an end-to-end marketing campaign that delivered the best of both worlds—farmers talking about their numbers. And like Dairyland Seed’s performance, the results speak for themselves.

What we delivered

Brand Strategy & Development


Dairyland Seed


After one month of a planned eight-month campaign, the click-through rate for our rich media ads was .12% compared to .09% after one month of the previous year’s campaign.


Research shows that rich media ads have more engagement—measured in click-through rates—than many alternatives. To compete effectively in the highly competitive seed sales environment, we implemented a rich media ad strategy that aligned with our overall campaign by featuring growers testifying about their success with Dairyland Seed.

In an industry overloaded with data-intense materials, we made sure specific features within the annual product guide were truly useful by distributing a survey to Dairyland Seed sales managers and other sales staff. The survey provided insight into how the guide was being used and helped determine which of several cover options would be most eye-catching.

“There is no shortage of marketing campaigns out there. It’s exciting to be part of one that truly listened to stakeholders and delivered in a meaningful way for the target audience.”

Lyle Orwig, Chairman

The moral of the story is: Know your audience. When you understand how, when, where and with what message your audience wants to be approached, you can make more meaningful connections that actually inspire action.


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