Multiple brand-supporting efforts, including a “UX-ceptional” website.

As a leading soybean-producing state, Illinois provides significant advantages within the soybean commodity space, including a consistent supply of high-quality beans that are raised sustainably and delivered efficiently throughout the country and around the globe.

In other words, it’s more than just another commodity. It’s a full-fledged brand. And the Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) counts on Charleston|Orwig to deliver the brand promise to all of ISA’s stakeholders. Through multiple initiatives—including the exceptional user experience at—Charleston|Orwig does just that.


What we delivered

Digital strategy, branding campaign


Illinois Soybean Association


The customized user experience and content at the site has led to a 17.5% increase in sessions, a 20.2% increase in users and a 9.9% increase in page views.

ISA Left Support

We created a brand video that showcases ISA advantages for everyone from key stakeholders to foreign trade teams who visit the state. By branding and communicating the “Soy from Illinois” value proposition, we helped foster preference for Illinois soybeans, increased partnership opportunities and, ultimately, increased demand for soybeans grown by Illinois farmers.

ISA Right Support

One key to building the ISA brand: go beyond communication to education. That’s exactly what we did with a webinar series that allowed soybean farmers and other industry leaders to participate in live conversations with agronomy experts about research results and in-field experiences. It was a great way to engage at a level that makes the brand much more valuable to key stakeholders over the long term.

“Create a video. Build a website. It’s stuff that’s relatively easy to do. What separates the ordinary from the extraordinary is the ability to connect with audiences in a meaningful way.”

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