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In July 2017, C|O helped three of the largest agriculture lending organizations join forces as one to serve a $18B market. Our integrated approach and dedicated cross-functional team has helped Compeer Financial (formerly 1st Farm Credit Services, AgStar Financial Services and Badgerland Financial) reach a total brand awareness of 54.6% in just six months.

What we delivered

Brand Strategy & Development, Campaigns & Communication


Compeer Financial


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To kick off our work with Compeer Financial, we hosted a branding workshop with team members from each of the original farm credit organizations to determine the brand’s driving force – its united purpose: to champion the hopes and dreams of rural America.  

Compeer Financial stationary

Compeer Financial Logo

The Compeer Financial logo represents a part of the agricultural American dream—a rural property. Three pillars represent the idea of three entities coming together as one, stronger together; as well as Compeer Financial’s three audiences: clients, team members and community. Additionally, the gradient from darker green to light portrays progress, positivity and growth.

Campaigns & Communications

Compeer Financial’s media launch streamed on Facebook Live by Farm Journal and was well attended by national and local ag media. Before and during launch, PR coverage totaled more than 112M impressions through video, online, radio and print. Ten news stories appeared online the day of the event and 30 more were published in the month following, resulting in 112,107,403 impressions. 

Front of direct mailer

Back of direct mailer

It was a thrilling journey for our C|O team to help Compeer Financial bring its brand to life and to see it successfully united in its mission to #ChampionRural.

Digital Ads

By positioning Compeer Financial as an organization that champions the hopes and dreams of agriculture, digital ads connected with audiences on a personal level and invited them to connect and share their stories at

Winning Stats

The first two months of the launch campaign saw exceptional reach and engagement, which is continuing to grow as the campaign progresses. In July and August alone, the campaign received over 1 million impressions and 2,574 verified clicks resulting in an average click-thru rate of .27%.

The best performing ad unit is a high-impact dairy producer banner resulting in a click-thru rate of 1.4%. Our pre-roll video units also saw tremendous engagement, with an average completion rate of 73% and average click-thru rate of .7%.

Broadcast Ads

Traditional broadcast ads on radio and TV told the stories of how Compeer Financial works to #ChampionRural.

Video teaser

Sound clip

Media Launch Event

A media event was streamed on Facebook Live by Farm Journal and well attended by national and local ag media. Ten news stories appeared online the day of the event and 30 more were published in the month following, resulting in 112,107,403 impressions.

Speaker at media event

Table tent for media event

Social Media

Social media helped Compeer Financial to define itself and its team members as commited partners in the agriculture market and connected #ChampionRural with actual clients to convey its commitment to rural America.


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