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New global website positions brand as a global leader.

Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition acquired a leading yeast-based feed ingredient company in 2015 and turned it into a global multispecies business literally overnight. With help from our cross-collaborative team, the five differing websites inherited during the acquisition became a one-stop shop global website.

In this crowded marketplace, our team also identified another huge opportunity. No one animal nutrition company was serving as the go-to spot for news, products and research information. By creating this fully responsive, multilingual website we helped position Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition as global leaders, able to communicate with team members and customers in more than 50 countries.

What we delivered

Brand strategy and development, campaigns & communication


Arm & Hammer


80% rise in page views
9,000 unique page views

Along with quality products that meet the unmet productivity needs of dairy cattle, beef cattle, poultry and swine, the website provides access to industry news, scientific research information and thought leaders within the company.

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“A true team effort of all the different agency disciplines. From journey map and personas to a multilingual responsive design, I’m proud of our what our team accomplished.”

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In the first four months of its launch the Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition global website had 51,000 page views by 9,000 unique visitors. This also included visits from users in 129 different countries with 108 different languages.

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To help promote the product portfolio further, the global website features a custom-built tool for distributors to generate collateral such as a brand style guide, presentations, print ads and co-branded graphics.

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