A global #ScienceHearted campaign uses heart and smarts.

Who: Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition, a business unit within Church & Dwight Co., Inc., delivers microbial and nutrition solutions to livestock producers around the globe.

Challenge: Create a campaign that stands out in a crowded marketplace, including the global level where the brand has minimal penetration, while demonstrating how science drives the business—all without coming across as too clinical.

Action: C|O developed and launched the #ScienceHearted campaign to show how science is at the heart of everything the brand does. The campaign’s premise: ARM & HAMMER’s experts are so consumed by the science they begin to take on animal-like characteristics themselves. The campaign allowed science to be discussed with more relatable language that made interactions with customers simpler and more effective.

Result: The brand was able to acquire another company that allowed the business to grow beyond 2017 sales goals. Along the way, ARM & HAMMER started their online presence with LinkedIn and attracted more than 1,000 followers to a very targeted brand.

What we delivered

Brand Strategy & Development, Campaigns & Communication, Digital strategy, Global Website Development


Arm & Hammer


161% increase in yearly web traffic
1,120 follower increase since April 2017

“A true team effort of all the different agency disciplines. From announcing a new brand acquisition to showcasing our animal experts in a relatable way, I’m proud of the work we continue to do for ARM & HAMMER.”

Digital Ads

Hyper-targeted digital ads showcased product benefits and drove consumers to the ARM & HAMMER website where they could contact a sales rep. These ads blew away the 0.07% industry average click through rate, earning an average of .37% CTR.

The information hub.

 This fully responsive, multilingual website helped position ARM & HAMMER as global leaders, able to communicate with team members and customers in more than 50 countries. Along with quality products meeting the needs of dairy cattle, beef cattle, poultry and swine producers, the website provides access to industry news, scientific research information and thought leaders within the company.


Making connections.

The Great Minds internal newsletter showcases events, products, research and a bit of fun to foster relationships between team members globally. Bite-sized content in a modular format is ideal for scanning, leading to higher engagement rates. Plus, the design can easily flex to accommodate unique content each issue. Our most recent send garnered an incredible 58.3% open rate and 32.1% clicks per unique opens, with audiences spanning the US, Taiwan, UK and India.

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