Calling industry leaders to connect, engage and protect.

Who: Animal Agriculture Alliance is a nonprofit organization working to bridge the communication gap between farm and fork.

Challenge: Promote the animal agriculture industry in a time when damaging misinformation about modern agriculture abounds.

Action: C|O provides creative solutions to help promote the Alliance’s events and promotions, including print and digital ads, e-blasts and materials.  

What we delivered

Campaigns & Communication


Animal Agriculture Alliance


Each year, Stakeholder’s Summit materials strive to promote animal agriculture and invite those in the industry to connect, engage and protect the future of animal ag. The 2018 campaign strives to draw on a sense of nostalgia for the tradition and history of animal agriculture, while it’s shield represents defending the livelihoods of farmers, ranchers, vets and animal scientists.

“Animal Ag Alliance is a client that is very dear to our hearts at C|O. Working with them every year to promote such a vital industry is a delight.”

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